About Us

Servants of God Church began on April 1, 2012, with the vision giving by God to Pastor Darron Banks who is the founding pastor.

Pastor Banks shared the God giving vision with his wife Vivian Banks, who was and is supportive of the God giving vision. With the leading of the Holy Ghost, Pastor Banks and his wife step out on faith to fulfilled God plan February 2012. They rented a building from M. Ed McDonald located at 410 12 Clinton Blvd, Clinton, Ms. The office space had the capacity to hold up to 40 people upstairs. We call it the” Small Upper Room.”

Pastor and his wife took their tithe and offering to start the Ministry. They worked on the church after work each evening and on Saturday to painting. They purchase the sound system, microphone, keyboard, speakers and stand, church pulpit, announcement stand, 4 used church pews; the pews were too long to fit upstairs. Pastor and his wife cut each pew in half to get them upstairs covered with foam and covering to make the pews comforted for guest.

By April 2013, Servants of God Church had grown with 42 members, Pastor Banks and his church family decided to take a step of faith and relocated to 1801 Central Street, Jackson, MS 39209.

God blessed Servants of God Church with a new place to worship that will hold 250 souls or more. When Servants of God Church expanded God blessed us abundantly, children’s classrooms/finance room, Fellowship Hall with kitchen, Pastor Office. Expanded parking and an additional entrance were added to provide a welcoming atmosphere for our guests and our Pastor implemented more ministries in the church.

The vision given to Pastor Banks continues to this day. Servants of God Membership has grown to 237 and 24 ministries. Our prayer is now to reach Jackson, MS and beyond. Our hope and dream are to do even more. Where do we go from here? Our mission is to make disciples for Jesus Christ and present Christ to anyone who will hear us and lead them toward God.

At Servants of God Church, transportation is provided to/from Sunday School, Worship Services and Bible Study. Please call 769-216-3003 for more information.

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